Curious about people in your past?

I’m 62.  Once in awhile, I wonder what has happened to people I grew up with, people who were my friends, my classmates, guys I dated in high school.

I was not a popular girl. I’m the same person now, pretty much, as I was then. I am moody, tend to be a bit artsy fartsy, and I am very opinionated. I was also never invited into the cliques of the all-girl schools I attended.

Even so, there were some girls in grade school and high school who were friends of a sort. They would hang out with me, we would play together, spend the night at each other’s homes. But as we got older, those relationships pretty much disappeared. I was never as cool as those girls were, not from as wealthy a family, and I was uncomfortable around them, all things that probably drove them away as friends.

Anyway, I looked some of them up on Facebook. The first grade school friend I found on Facebook was Laurie Lamberton Rounds.  We were both horse crazy girls.  We both had tons of those lovely Breyer model horses, and I would cart my collection to her house, or Laurie would cart her collection to my house for a weekend of sleepovers and playing with the horses. I remember going out in my backyard and building fences for our horses with branches and sticks.

The only dolls the correct size for riding our Breyer horses were Madame Alexander dolls – with articulated legs.  (They don’t make them that way anymore).

I had the entire set of Little Women dolls, and those dolls found themselves riding our horses in their fancy gowns.

When we were a little older, we both took oil painting lessons from the same wonderful woman, Mrs. Stockstrom.  For $2, Mrs. Stockstrom taught about 10 ladies how to paint with oils in her basement each Saturday morning.  She was a wonderful lady.

Oh, and I forgot, we also rode horses together.

Anyway, I looked her up and found she had two profiles.  One is Laurie with her maiden name and married name, and the second with just her married name.

I thought about asking her to be friends until I saw her likes.  Rachel Maddow?! Obama?! How did two little girls grow up to be so freaking different?  She actually tried to start an anti-Tea Party group in St. Louis called the Coffee Party. (Proving how unimaginative the progressive Left is).

Well, this search ended in a dead end of sorts.  I have no desire to talk to someone I once thought was my bestest friend on Earth.

Oh, I just remembered.  She stole my boyfriend, Chris Meyer, when I was 16.  I didn’t want to be friends with her again anyway. 🙂

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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