October Already?

I’ve been busy making stuff, shearing goats and going to arts and crafts shows, and I have neglected my blog.

I have also been busy teaching Willow to stand on her hind legs and dance.  To encourage her, I bought her a tutu.

Hopefully, I’ll have a decent video to show off her new skills, but in the meantime, we do have some cute pre-show stills.headband willow getting ready to dance carly knocked over the tripod. ballerinas have to eat too bow

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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5 Responses to October Already?

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Goofball! ;o}

    I know, I know! I’m not ready. I’ve only got half a cord left to split but the shed is a little short so I need to scrounge some more , pronto. I’ve got veggies unharvested, billions of repairs and the snow cometh. Damn I have to move the coop too. I’m never gonna make it and I didn’t even mention hunting.. :o) Nanowrimo interests me but november?, really?


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