I’m Far Behind my Goats Goals.

DeeDee EyebrowsI had hopes of all my goats being sheared a month ago, but weather, work and a woeful attitude delayed it all.

Here is a photo of Miss DeeDee, well in need of shearing.  I have a whole bunch more goats who need haircuts, but it is starting to get a bit cool.

Now, the older goats can handle cool weather pretty well, but I really need to make some coats for the kids born last spring, before I shear them, so they won’t shiver without all their mohair.

Their hair does grow back pretty quickly  … about an inch a month, so they won’t have to wear coats for long.

I’m very fortunate to have a couple of friends who will try to  come and help me out with the goat shearing. I am off work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so if anyone wants to come and help, let me know – the more the merrier!

And after they are sheared, I need to catch up with cleaning all the fleeces- I have a bunch of fleeces waiting to be cleaned,and when I’m done shearing, I’ll have a bunch more!




About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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