Small Miracle

One of the kids born last week is a precious little blue doeling. She is staying with her mama, as I really don’t want to have any more bottle babies than I have to have.

Her mother, though, is not the most attentive mom, and often just tucks her kid into a hollow beneath a red cedar and then trots off with the other goats.

Well, that leaves the little kid with 80 acres to get lost in, quite distressing for me.

The first time she did this, I happened to see the mama goat walk away from her baby, so I jumped in the truck and drove down the lane, close to where the wee goatling was. I thought I’d just scoop up the little kid and bring her back to the house until Mama returned.

However, as soon as I came within a couple of feet, the little one jumped up and took off. I followed her around the big pasture for 45 minutes, and then she disappeared.

By then, I was in tears, because I was afraid that bad things, like the local coyotes, or the eagle flying overhead would get her. I sat down on a fallen log, and prayed that I could find her, then I hiked back to the truck, and started to get in.

But then, I saw a fluffy bit of something pushed right up next to the front left tire. I looked more closely, and that little goat had fallen asleep right where I could find her. I picked her up, and drove her back to the house, where her idiot mother was wailing for her.

And of course, the wee doeling’s name is Miracle.

God does answer prayers. I’m praying a lot that we can all be rescued from this fascist hell we are currently stuck in.

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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  1. HUZZAH!


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