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Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.

Well, I did it. I dumped Facebook

This, of course, means I need to figure out how to sell mohair and other fibery things from a blog! I was once really good at technology stuff, but I have not really kept up. I appreciate not having to … Continue reading

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Looks like Facebook is forcing me to blog!

I am suddenly not able to get into Facebook. My husband can get into his profile, and he can see my profile, but as soon as I try to log in, Facebook has a problem. Ugh. I have tried 3 … Continue reading

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October First, Farm Diary

It was a beautiful day, as you can see. This is our lower hay field. We grow Brome hay. It’s a perennial, so pretty easy to keep up! We have a farmer who comes and fertilizes it in the winter … Continue reading

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Our Grandson, Miles. Future Cellist!

Miles chose a Cello as his instrument. His dad said he really wanted a Bass Violin, but it was at least twice his size! I look forward to the day when he can play me this:

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Well, This is Embarrassing.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to create a blog roll Years ago, I could do it all in html, but …. years ago. Goats have apparently sucked all the internet know-how I had right out … Continue reading

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Goodbye Facebook, Hello again, Blog!

So many of my friends are leaving Facebook, with good reason, that I decided I would rather just blog than attempt to figure out yet another social media venue. Now, then, it’s been a long time since I have been … Continue reading

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Light Snow

Our silly goats seem to enjoy being out in the snow.  When I went out to get them their hay, they were all out in the pasture instead of their run in. All the goats ran over to me, except … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Barn

In the winter, we just keep piling straw onto the the barn floor.  It’s called deep bedding, I believe, and it keeps the critters warmer.  You just keep piling straw or other bedding over the poops – and goats have … Continue reading

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Short Post, I’m all peopled out

We went to a Rotary event tonight.  It’s an important one, about fundraising.  It was a nice dinner, but I am completely peopled out. I’m never very good in large groups of people I don’t know very well, so I … Continue reading

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I’m Far Behind my Goats Goals.

I had hopes of all my goats being sheared a month ago, but weather, work and a woeful attitude delayed it all. Here is a photo of Miss DeeDee, well in need of shearing.  I have a whole bunch more … Continue reading

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