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Can a flag be evil?

If there was no such thing as a Confederate Battle Flag, the f*ckhead (who does not deserve to be named) who killed people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, would have still killed those people. That flag did not … Continue reading

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The Pecking Disorder: Social Justice Warriors Gone Wild

Worth reading. The crazy that is much of the leftist world at this point in time. University of California-Merced sociologist Tanya Bolash-Goza, who accepts the social justice left’s view of pervasive structural racism in America, points out that the term … Continue reading

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Curious about people in your past?

I’m 62.  Once in awhile, I wonder what has happened to people I grew up with, people who were my friends, my classmates, guys I dated in high school. I was not a popular girl. I’m the same person now, … Continue reading

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Expect even more executive power grabs from Hillary |

Obama expanded his power domestically far more than any other president in memory. His executive action on immigration is a good example of legislating from the bureaucracy by implementing policies directly contrary to existing law and anything Congress would be … Continue reading

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Mayor: Baltimore Being ‘Destroyed By Thugs In Senseless Way’ | The Daily Caller

The mayor said that the city is being “destroyed by thugs who in a very senseless way are trying to tear down what so many have fought for.” One wonders if the mayor thinks there might be a sensible way … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious Beliefs Have to Be Changed’ to Accommodate Abortion | National Review Online

God help us. Mrs. Clinton wants to change what our religious beliefs are to agree with what she thinks is right. The highway to hell starts with this: Hillary Clinton believes that “religious beliefs and structural biases have to be … Continue reading

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Democrats Defend Political Persecutions in Texas | National Review Online

The Democrats are not our friends. Harry Reid—and every Democrat in the Senate—voted to repeal the First Amendment to render the Supreme Court powerless to protect Americans from this sort of abuse. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to put Americans in … Continue reading

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U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students | Reuters

How many public school employees are sexually abusing children in the schools? 800 in one year! It’s about time this kind of abuse by both female and male teachers is addressed. But I don’t hear any politician even mentioning this. … Continue reading

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