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Blogging is harder than I remember

When I had my She Who Must Be Obeyed blog, I found it easy to add several posts a day. And I did it for at least five years. And, I was working full time, traveling all over the place. … Continue reading

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Today Was Different

Update – they caught him, and the two little girls are safe. We locked up our farm earlier today, when the Amber Alert first went out, because our farm is right next door to Donny Jackson’s father’s land. His name … Continue reading

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We Are Having Wonky Weather today!

Yesterday, the high was 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, it got up to 87 degrees. A cold front was forecast to come in this evening, and I was out with the goats when the winds suddenly changed from South, South West … Continue reading

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Well, I did it. I dumped Facebook

This, of course, means I need to figure out how to sell mohair and other fibery things from a blog! I was once really good at technology stuff, but I have not really kept up. I appreciate not having to … Continue reading

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Looks like Facebook is forcing me to blog!

I am suddenly not able to get into Facebook. My husband can get into his profile, and he can see my profile, but as soon as I try to log in, Facebook has a problem. Ugh. I have tried 3 … Continue reading

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October First, Farm Diary

It was a beautiful day, as you can see. This is our lower hay field. We grow Brome hay. It’s a perennial, so pretty easy to keep up! We have a farmer who comes and fertilizes it in the winter … Continue reading

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Our Grandson, Miles. Future Cellist!

Miles chose a Cello as his instrument. His dad said he really wanted a Bass Violin, but it was at least twice his size! I look forward to the day when he can play me this:

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Well, This is Embarrassing.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to create a blog roll Years ago, I could do it all in html, but …. years ago. Goats have apparently sucked all the internet know-how I had right out … Continue reading

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Goodbye Facebook, Hello again, Blog!

So many of my friends are leaving Facebook, with good reason, that I decided I would rather just blog than attempt to figure out yet another social media venue. Now, then, it’s been a long time since I have been … Continue reading

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Light Snow

Our silly goats seem to enjoy being out in the snow.  When I went out to get them their hay, they were all out in the pasture instead of their run in. All the goats ran over to me, except … Continue reading

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