Well, I did it. I dumped Facebook

This, of course, means I need to figure out how to sell mohair and other fibery things from a blog!

I was once really good at technology stuff, but I have not really kept up. I appreciate not having to write my blog in html anymore, but I am horribly ignorant of all the jargon used – do I want blocks or widgets, or what, to make money here.

So, please bear with me, It may take a bit of tinkering to do what I want.

And please, do comment with any ideas.

Oh, oh, oh – I still need to figure out how to do the blogroll – it’s not quite the same as the blogs I am following – at least, I don’t think so!

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Looks like Facebook is forcing me to blog!

I am suddenly not able to get into Facebook. My husband can get into his profile, and he can see my profile, but as soon as I try to log in, Facebook has a problem.

Ugh. I have tried 3 different devices, and all say that Facebook is working on it.


Anyway, I will have to show up here from now on, I suppose. I did set up a mewe account when it first started up, but I have not been there since.

I suspect that this is because I support Trump, and I’m vocal about it. I just hope I can figure out a way to download years of photos from facebook. Boo.

Now, for farm data – I quadrupled the size of the pen of my wee little mini silky bucklings today. Sadly, that really wore me out.

It took the knuckleheads a full hour before they would venture into the new area.

What did you do today?

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October First, Farm Diary

It was a beautiful day, as you can see. This is our lower hay field. We grow Brome hay. It’s a perennial, so pretty easy to keep up! We have a farmer who comes and fertilizes it in the winter and then mows and bales for us in the summer. We have a deal, he keeps 2/3 of it, we get 1/3. It mostly works pretty well.

I drove down here to cut some saplings down that were encroaching on the field. I wanted to get them while they still had leaves so I could feed them to the goats. Goats love tree leaves. LOVE THEM!

There are a few wildflowers sprinkled through the field. Clover, sunflowers, black eyed Susans, etc.

Cyrus always follows me when I’m checking out things on the farm. He is a good dog!

After I took the saplings up to feed to the bucks, I drove over to try to figure out how the hell I am going to get the incredibly large round bales to the goats’ pastures for feeding.
I have been taking bales apart, putting hay on the truck, driving to the correct pasture and unloading the hay. All by hand. And I mean, by hand. Ugh. I have rashes constantly from the hay!

Our tractor has been out of order for several years. And even if it was in working order, it is not nearly big enough to haul 4ftx6ft round bales – these things are monsters. They are the bales on the left – the one on the right is a 4ftx4ft bale – it is possible to move them with the truck, but still not easy.

Hopefully, I’ll figure this out soon, I do not want to spend 3 hours a day unraveling these monster bales, throwing bits of hay on the truck and then unloading the bits of hay to the goats.

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Our Grandson, Miles. Future Cellist!

Miles chose a Cello as his instrument. His dad said he really wanted a Bass Violin, but it was at least twice his size!

I look forward to the day when he can play me this:

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Well, This is Embarrassing.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to create a blog roll Years ago, I could do it all in html, but …. years ago.

Goats have apparently sucked all the internet know-how I had right out of my brains!

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Goodbye Facebook, Hello again, Blog!

So many of my friends are leaving Facebook, with good reason, that I decided I would rather just blog than attempt to figure out yet another social media venue.

Now, then, it’s been a long time since I have been here, so it will take me some time to recall how stuff works. I have never been great at blog design, so don’t be surprised if things get wonky.

Anyway, if you have a blog, I shall follow you. Just do the follow thingy on the side, I think. But do let me know you are here.


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Light Snow

Our silly goats seem to enjoy being out in the snow.  When I went out to get them their hay, they were all out in the pasture instead of their run in.

All the goats ran over to me, except one.  She had managed to get one end of some baling wire stuck in her mohair and then the other end wrapped around a tree.

It was not hard to get her loose, but she had been there for a couple of hours, I’m afraid.  She was being very stoic.  She stood patiently while I cut her mohair from the wire, and then she very primly walked over the the hay to eat.

It’s early for snow here – a lot of leaves are still on trees.  We are due for a hard winter, though, it’s been years since we have had much of a winter, and we need one – it kills off all the bad things like flies and other bugs.  Yes, I’m ready for a true winter.

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Cleaning the Barn

In the winter, we just keep piling straw onto the the barn floor.  It’s called deep bedding, I believe, and it keeps the critters warmer.  You just keep piling straw or other bedding over the poops – and goats have pelleted poops, so it’s not messy.
But then, at some point, you have to clean it all out.

That’s what I’m working on.  Fall is upon us, it is rainy and cool out, I want to start fresh with a super clean, sprayed barn.

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Short Post, I’m all peopled out

We went to a Rotary event tonight.  It’s an important one, about fundraising.  It was a nice dinner, but I am completely peopled out.

I’m never very good in large groups of people I don’t know very well, so I tend to get very nervous.  Tonight was no different.  So now, we are home, and my stomach hurts from my nervousness.

Tomorrow, more fun things like goats and cleaning out the barn.

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I’m Far Behind my Goats Goals.

DeeDee EyebrowsI had hopes of all my goats being sheared a month ago, but weather, work and a woeful attitude delayed it all.

Here is a photo of Miss DeeDee, well in need of shearing.  I have a whole bunch more goats who need haircuts, but it is starting to get a bit cool.

Now, the older goats can handle cool weather pretty well, but I really need to make some coats for the kids born last spring, before I shear them, so they won’t shiver without all their mohair.

Their hair does grow back pretty quickly  … about an inch a month, so they won’t have to wear coats for long.

I’m very fortunate to have a couple of friends who will try to  come and help me out with the goat shearing. I am off work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so if anyone wants to come and help, let me know – the more the merrier!

And after they are sheared, I need to catch up with cleaning all the fleeces- I have a bunch of fleeces waiting to be cleaned,and when I’m done shearing, I’ll have a bunch more!




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