Growing Older

Funny, I don’t feel like I’m 62.  In my mind, I’m still in my thirties. I am in much better physical shape than my mom was at this age, that’s for sure.

Some parts don’t age as well as others, though. I had healthy teeth for years.  I didn’t get my first cavity until I was in my mid-twenties.

In recent years, my teeth have been more than annoying.  Because I was born with out my eye teeth, I wore a partial denture from the time I was about 14 years old on.

That partial ended up screwing up my teeth – so I had to have the 4 teeth surrounding those two spaces pulled a year ago, and get a 6 tooth partial.  It looks nice, but, damn.

And then last week, a crown that was put in about 25 years ago after a root canal came out.  Seems the tooth under the crown decayed enough that it went bad.

So I get to get that tooth pulled today.

Fortunately, it’s not a tooth that is visible when I smile, but I’m not a fan of having a tooth pulled.

I could have an implant, but we have no dental insurance, and it would cost over $2000.  We don’t have that amount handy.  There are much more important things we need money for.  🙂

Anyway, I hope they come up with something so that younger people don’t have to go through this stuff as they age.  It sucks.

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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